Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance  


At a Glance

Use this AAUP-approved Term Life plan to help pay off a mortgage, ensure a college education for your children or grandchildren, provide for your spouse or your parent(s), or pay off vehicle loans or other debts if you die. You and your spouse can apply for up to $150,000* in benefits. You can request printed information through this Web site or call toll free 1-800-882-5521.

  • Features exclusive to AAUP members-only rates
  • Includes "living benefit" to help with expenses if you're Terminally Ill
  • Waiver of Premium for you if you're under age 60 and Totally Disabled for 9 months or more


Want More Information?

View the Forms section and download a no-obligation application and brochure containing detailed plan information including costs, exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms of coverage.


*Benefits reduce to $100,000.00 at age 45, to $50,000.00 at age 60, to $40,000.00 at age 65, to $15,000.00 at age 70 and to $5,000.00 at age 75.


Underwritten by Hartford Life Insurance Company, Hartford, CT 06155.
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